The WILD HUMAN in all of us is
our intuition
our body
our emotions

all the parts of ourselves we have been taught to ignore

If we can reconnect to this part of ourselves
and reconnect with each other
this is where the magic happens

We can live and love better
We can be happy and healthy and free

Photograph by Chelsea Chick

My name is Aryn Evans, and I am glad you are here! I have lived and worked in Chicago for six years as a lawyer, and for the last two years, as an artist and painter. During my years at a big law firm, I was no stranger to long hours, pressure, and stress. I saw myself and my colleagues struggle with mental and physical health issues, addiction. Stress can even make us lose our appreciation for how incredible this life is! After experiencing some health issues myself, I embarked on a lifetime mission of learning—how to find peace, how to nourish myself, how to reconnect with my body and spirit, and how to live a more balanced, extraordinary life! I am dedicating the next chapter of my life to teaching others what I am learning, and to building a community where we can support each other on this path to living well. In October 2018, I created WILD HUMAN to share this knowledge and start this work–through community events, workshops, coaching, and wellness-based content. Come grow with us 🌱 we can’t wait to meet you!